This work was produced in response to research I have been conducting into the issue of context multiplicity of digital photographic work. The work was produced using re-appropriated imagery from online source and was printed using a mixture of modern printing technology and traditional darkroom processes. I am exploring the ways in which digital imaging techniques have altered the cultural perception of the photographic object. The following quote outlines one of the issues with which I am concerned.  

‘The ability to remake the digital image over and over again, and reproduce any of its discrete components as images in their own right, challenges the distinction between originals and copies. Digitisation radically changes the possibilities of reproduction and circulation as the image is detached from its primary material vehicle, altering its status (it can be deleted), who can view it (it can be networked) and how it can be interpreted (it can be Simultaneously received and altered).’ Martin Hand - Ubiquitous Photography - 2006