I am a contemporary photographer based in Brighton, Uk. I began my formal photographic education at East Norfolk Sixth Form, Norfolk. After completing my A levels I began studying an HND in Photography and Digital Imaging at Truro College, Cornwall. I studied in Cornwall for two years before enrolling at The University of Plymouth in order to complete a top up year. I graduated with a BA(Hons) Design: Photography in 2009. After graduating I worked in a commercial photographic laboratory for three years before finally returning to education at Northbrook College, West Sussex to complete a PGCE: Art and Design.

My work spans a relatively wide range of subjects although I predominantly focus on architectural design. I am specifically interested in post war architecture and reinforced concrete. I favour traditional photographic technologies however I frequently mix these with digital imaging technologies. My motivation for producing work is a love for the communicative potential of the creative process, this has become especially apparent to me during my teaching practice. The process of making and sharing work with others is endlessly rewarding.

Some of my main artistic and photographic influences include Hiroshi Sugimoto, Jeff Wall, Yarolslav Rossler, Moholy-Nagy, Josef Sudek, Philip-Lorca DiCorcia, Bernd & Hilla Becher, Man Ray, Josef Koudelka, Gregory Crewdson, Anthony Gormley, Picasso, Mondrian, Kandinsky, Jake & Dinos Chapman and Jackson Pollock.

I have been making regular contributions to a professional practice blog since 2007. The blog chronicles my journey through photographic education, into the real world and most recently into my teaching role.